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Pete Lopez
NYS Assembly - 102nd



Some of Pete's Priorities

Pete believes that change must come from the grassroots up, and has dedicated himself to working with his neighbors across the district to secure our future.

Whether on the floor of the Assembly, or at home in the District, Pete puts our communities first.

Some of Pete’s Top Priorities:

1) Tax Relief for Our Hard Working Families. Pete has fought to control spend-ing and push government to live within its means. Through the state budget proc-ess, he helped close multi-billion dollar budget deficits without raising taxes or in-curring future debt.

2) Supporting Our Farms and Small Businesses. Pete sees a healthy agricultural community as key to our future. He places heavy emphasis on promoting safe, healthy, local food production and processing. Re-cent projects include expanding a local microbrewery and recruiting a world-renowned cheese producer from overseas to create new jobs and partner with our farm community.

3) Growing Jobs for Our People. Pete continues to protect local jobs and promote new ones. He works with countless small businesses on their individual issues, and has advanced over 100 new jobs at a school for children with Autism, inter-vened to keep a global pharmaceutical company from leaving NYS – protecting 200 jobs and making new investments – ex-panded Internet access in our rural areas and recruited a brewery to expand production in a manufacturing plant that had been idle for over a decade.

Pete is actively working to rebuild our local economy, putting special em-phasis on tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and alternate energy, while highlighting successful local projects as models for further public and private investment. He also has been working with the Governor’s Re-gional Councils initiative to secure millions to support business growth and create new private-sector jobs in the region. Pete continues to press the Governor and state leaders to help make NYS business friendly and help regain its rightful position as the Empire State.

4) Securing Our Energy Independence. Pete sees local sources of clean, affordable energy as vital to our security, sustainability and eco-nomic competitiveness. He has dedicated himself to freeing our state from foreign oil, and is fighting for ways to lower energy costs while advancing sustainable, renewable energy.

5) Ending Unfunded Mandates / Reducing Duplication of Government Services . Pete continues to seek ways for improving local services and reducing costs by thinking outside the box. Removing unfunded man-dates and giving local communities more flexibility is key to making sure our communities remain sustainable.

6) Helping Our Communities Recover From Irene, Lee & Sandy. Like many of us, Pete’s family and staff have been personally affected by Irene and Lee. Deeply distressed by the impact, Pete has dedicated himself to help-ing people rebuild. Even now, he continues to work tirelessly across our region to address a host of complex, emotional issues ranging from housing, insurance, and infrastructure repair, to stream stabilization and busi-ness/farm redevelopment.

7) Promoting Quality, Affordable Public Education. Pete believes we can find ways to manage the cost of education while ensuring continued quality. He is working to make sure our rural schools are given the tools, flexibility and resources they need so our children can compete in a global society
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