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5th Year Anniversary of Hurricanes Irene & Lee

In late August, the Schoharie County community converged in Middleburgh to mark the 5th year Anniversary of Hurricanes Irene and Lee.

These storms devastated not only Schoharie County, but also forced 5 additional counties in my Assembly District into states of emergency, leaving entire communities at risk.

In the time that followed, my office joined with friends and neighbors to find every way possible to help respond and recover.

While many homes and businesses have been restored, there continue to be unmet needs. These individuals, families, and businesses can not be forgotten.

With ever-changing and intensifying weather patterns, our communities are being hit harder than ever before.

As we continue to recover, I am working with other dedicated groups and individuals to rebuild our communities and strengthen them as we prepare for future events. As part of these efforts, I continue to promote and pursue a multi-faceted approach that would address:

1. New / Rehabilitated Housing - Despite broad-based government support, there has not been enough attention given to providing residents with new housing options, particularly for single family homes.

2. Stream Stabilization, Storm Water Management & Preventative Water Releases - We must clean up our waterways, invest in infrastructure for storm water management and ensure that dams and reservoirs are below risk levels . These necessary, preventative measures must be a priority in order to protect our communities from further damage during storms.

3. Emergency Response Capabilities - We must bring federal, state and local groups together to improve emergency communications, share resources, and invest in new emergency management infrastructure including strategic cell tower placement to aid with crises events.

4. Disaster Resiliency-We must promote local planning efforts that support land use and building construction in order to offer greater community protection from future storm events. We must also encourage that the rehabilitation and new construction of roads, bridges, and public and private structures be held to higher flood standards, which may include locations that offer greater protection from future storm events.

While the outside world turns its attention elsewhere, we know that many of our neighbors across the district continue to suffer, often caught up in bureaucracy or simply just falling through the cracks.

My office will continue to do its best in the continued fight to draw attention to unmet needs thereby securing the resources needed to make our people whole and protected.

Photo:1. Pete addresses dedicated volunteers, local officials and organizations at the 5th year commemoration on August 28th.

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