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Lopez Welcomes Regents Chancellor - Sees New Ally in Fight Against Common Core

My wife, Bridget, and I recently joined a host of NYS policy makers in welcoming the ascension of Dr. Betty Rosa to Chancellor of the NYS Board of Regents, citing her as an ally in reversing the damaging impacts of the Common Core roll out by the NYS Education Department, the Regents and the Cuomo Administration.

Dr. Rosa has worked as a bilingual educator, an assistant principal and principal in special education, a professor and superintendent. As a superintendent in the Bronx, she oversaw a district of roughly 25,000 students and 30 schools.

Press accountings of her installation, cited Dr. Rosa's selection as a major win for the parents and advocacy groups who helped fuel the nation's largest test refusal movement last spring, when 20 percent of New York's students opted not to sit for standardized tests. Opt-out groups endorsed Rosa for the top post in January, citing her "consistent rejection of the status quo" and stand against what they described as "shoddy policies" that hurt students and educators.

As a passionate, advocate for quality, affordable education, I welcome Dr. Rosa's energy, experience and intelligence and look forward to a constructive partnership.

As a Member of the Assembly Education Committee, I will continue to push for a number of reforms to the failed Common Core and call on the Chancellor to use her influence to take on the following issues and more:

1. Allow a much needed school to work option, emphasizing vocational education training leading to direct, gainful employment after graduation;

2. Recast the APPR Teacher evaluation framework to reduce the over-reliance on standardized test scores and ensure a more balanced, thoughtful process for assessing teacher effectiveness;

3. Reduce the over reliance on standardized testing overall;

4. Promote additional supports to schools with students suffering from pervasive poverty and other social ills so that basic safety needs are being satisfied thereby allowing teachers and students to focus on student growth and development;

5. Ensure that appropriate state funding, regulatory relief and more local flexibility is provided to schools so that all students have equal opportunity to a quality education, regardless of demographics; 6. Ensure the state pursue these goals without shifting the cost to overburdened local property tax payers.

Photo:  Dr. Betty Rosa
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